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The ICIT’s international work

London, UK

London is a major base (along with Toronto) of the ICIT. London is a hub of international affairs of all kinds, and the global Islamic movement is no exception. The editorial offices of the Crescent International are now based in London, under Iqbal Siddiqui.

London is also a center for ICIT’s publications, through Crescent Publications (UK) Ltd., which also distributes Crescent, and for the ICIT’s seminars and conferences. Current and pending local activities include seminars, lectures, and teaching courses. The ICIT’s London operations are run by Iqbal Siddiqui and Dr. Maqsood Ali Siddiqi.

North America

Toronto, Canada, was the base of the Crescent International until 1999. It is also the base of Zafar Bangash, Director of the ICIT. Toronto is now one of the ICIT’s two major bases, and the ICIT’s publications and operations center for North America.

The USA is widely recognized today as the ‘sole superpower’ and the dominant force in the exploitative and decadent western civilization. As such, it is also the main enemy of Islam in the world. At the same time, it is home to a large Muslim community, both immigrant and indigenous, and representing every part and sector of the Ummah. This community is both under great threat in the US and has the potential to play a massive and unique role in the Islamic movement. The ICIT is committed to helping the Muslims in North America to survive in their hostile environment, to understand their position in the global Ummah and to contribute to bettering the conditions of their fellow-Muslims elsewhere in the world.

South Africa

The ICIT’s operations in South Africa are coordinated by the Crescent office in Pretoria. Muslims in South Africa are already well aware of the work of the global Islamic movement. They are well established and have a history of supporting Islamic causes.

The ICIT held a major conference there in August 1998 and February 2000. They follow conferences held by Crescent International in 1996 and 1997. Our publications are already widely distributed and read. Production and marketing of other products are planned.


The situation in Pakistan is critical. Pakistan has always been influenced by America, but its people have always been deeply committed to Islam. They have also been deeply moved and inspired by the example of the Revolution in Iran. It is now a battleground where the Americans, the Saudis and other enemies of the Islamic movement are fighting to limit the influence of the Islamic movement, even at the cost of the total disintegration of society. But Pakistan is also ripe for Islamic movement work.

ICIT has operation centers in Islamabad and Karachi. The Crescent is distributed there and is very influential among sections of the English-reading population, including sympathetic opinion-makers. Plans for producing the Crescent locally, in both English and Urdu, in order to communicate with more people, are under active consideration. So too are plans for distributing ICIT publications widely in English and Urdu.

A major conference, designed to plant our ideas deeper in the minds of local activists and intellectuals, was held in Islamabad in October 1998. This was followed by a lecture tour in Karachi. However, the need and potential for work in Pakistan are both immense. Further work will be launched with programs in Pakistan in the summer of 2000, insha’Allah.

Other countries

In other countries, our presence is mainly informal. However, Crescent is widely read, our publications are available and distributed, and we have important contacts who contribute to our work internationally and promote our ideas in their own areas. The potential for expansion in some areas, such as Malaysia, Australia, and India, is huge, once ICIT operations are better established in its main bases.

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