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All those who join the IMDL will be assumed have read the following administrative points. There are also separate guidelines for contributions to the IMDL, which members should read before posting to the list.

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The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought
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The ICIT Islamic Movement Discussion


The work of the ICIT is based on the premise that there is a global Islamic movement that includes all Muslims working for Islam as they understand it, anywhere in the world. At its broadest, this understanding of the global Islamic movement includes, by definition, the entire Ummah. In practice, it is usually understood to include all Muslims working for the assertion of Islamic values in public and political life, rather than those who understand Islam in purely personal, spiritual terms. This is still a very broad understanding, including a huge range of opinions, understandings, activities, groups and organizations.

The vast majority of Islamic work is inevitably done on a local or country-based level. Relatively little is genuinely global in scale. Much of the work that is (or aspires to be) global, such as the work of the ICIT, may often seem to have little relevance to the activities of Muslims operating at a more local level. Indeed, many of the latter may not even consider themselves as part of a global movement. However, there are also many Muslims who do recognise that their problems, efforts and struggles are shared by other Muslims around the world, and are in effect part of a global endeavour by Muslims generally.

The Islamic Movement Discussion List (IMDL) is an email discussion list run by the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, and moderated by Iqbal Siddiqui, along with other members of the ICIT. Launched in November 2004, it is designed to provide an on-line forum for Muslims all over the world -- all members of the global Islamic movement, whether they realize it or not -- to discuss issues concerning both the global Islamic movement and the Islamic movements that constitute it.

Among those who are expected to contribute regularly to the IMDL are Zafar Bangash, Director of the ICIT, Imam Mohammed al-Asi of Washington DC, and writers who contribute to Crescent International. As it grows, we hope that other senior Islamic movement figures will also join the list and share the benefit of their expertise and experience with IMDL members.

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