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Ireland, Adil - "I am an English-born daily newspaper sub-editor with 40 years of experience in Japan (at The Japan Times) and in New Zealand (at the Manawatu Standard). I have written reviews for the Islamic Foundation's Muslim World Book Review. I have been a reader of Crescent since 1990, when I picked up a copy during a trip around eastern Turkey."

Kareem, Mohamed Abdul - "I am a computer professional in Manchester, UK, I am originally from Tanzania. I am a long-time reader of Crescent since the time of the Muslim Parliament."

al-Khabbaz, Yusuf - Yusuf al-Khabbaz is the pen-name of an academic working in the Middle East, who prefers not to write on Islamic movement affairs under his own name. He is a regular contributor to Crescent International. (Moderator.)

Mahmood, Muslim A. - "I'm a Free Muslim Activist in Nigeria, belonging to no group or movement." (For more information, see posting to IMDL on December 14, 2004.)

Mirza, Loraine - "I am a free-lance broadcast and print journalist. In the past I have been an occasional contributor to Crescent International. Crescent International was also the publisher of my book, "Internment Camps of Bangladesh." I currently host and produce occasional special programs called "Islamic Perspectives" for KPFK-Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles."

Muhammad, Aminu Shaikh - "I am Aminu Sheikh Muhammad,a creative writer of Nigerian origin. I work in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria as an Estate Surveyor. I do hope to have a wonderful experience with this listserve."

Siddique, Zawahir - "I'm an Indian passport holder now based in Malaysia. Started reading Crescent International very late (1998), but haven't missed many issues since then. Dr Kalim Siddiqui's thoughts have been inspirational to broaden my views from my Wahabbi days to a relatively more balanced perpective today. Praying hard to improve."

Siddiqui, Iqbal - "I am editor of the Crescent International newsmagazine and also help to run the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT). I am a graduate in modern history and politics, and am based in London. I am also the moderator of the IMDL."

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Abd Rahman Koya - "I am a contributor to Crescent International from Malaysia."

Abdullah, Yasmin - "I am a British Muslim, and a postgraduate student at the University of London, studying Middle East Politics. I am a reader of Crescent International."

Alonto, Maulana M. - "I am a Bangsamoro Muslim from Mindanao, south of the Philippines. I am also an avid reader of Crescent International. I also contributed some articles in the past. I hope and pray that thru the ICIT discussion forum, I can exchange views on Islam and problems facing the Muslim Ummah."

Bangash, Zafar - Zafar Bangash is the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT). He is also a former editor of Crescent International, and author of several books and papers on a variety of subjects. (Moderator.)

Bokreta, Mohamed - "I am an Algerian Muslim Intellectual having had the great honour to serve the Respected magazine CRESCENT INT. for the past 22 years as a freelance writer, I am both pleased and enthusiastic to join this high profile group as a knowledge seeker."

Ibrahim, Abdul Mutalib - "My name is Abdul Mutalib Ibrahim, a Malay from Malaysia. I am a business professional with a lot of secular education and a bit of religious education. "

Iqbal, Muzaffar - Dr Muzaffar Iqbal is a regular contributor to Crescent International. He is also President of the Center for Islam and Science and author of books and papers on a wide range of subjects. See: