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The ICIT-IMDL is an e-mail discussion list established by the ICIT to enable Muslims all over the world to discuss issues concerning the global Islamic movement.

These pages include information about the ICIT and its objective, as well as information on how to join and take part in its discussions.

ICIT Conferences, Courses and Seminars

The ICIT has organised a number of conferences, courses and seminars in different parts of the world, including Toronto, London, Pretoria, Karachi and Colombo.

These are a major part of the ICIT's work. See these pages for more information.

Crescent International -- the ICIT's 'newsmagazine of the Islamic movement'

Crescent International

Crescent International is a monthly newsmagazine published by the ICIT in Canada, South Africa and Pakistan.

See this section for more information, including sample copies, subscription details and links to the on-line edition.

ICIT resources on-line

A number of ICIT publications are available on-line, in either HTML or Adobe PDF format.

These include works by Dr. Kalim Siddiqui, Zafar Bangash, Mohammed al-Asi and Basheer Nafi, on topics ranging from the Islamic Movement, Islamic political thought and the Seerah.

ICIT books and papers


The ICIT has published a number of papers of issues concerning the Islamic movement, and also distributes books by Kalim Siddiqui and others.

A full list of our publications is available here, as well as details on how to order them

Links to other useful websites

This page provides links to other websites that may be useful to visitors interested in the global Islamic movement and Islamic movements if different parts of the world.

Imam Khomeini

In this section, the ICIT provides material on the global Islamic movement and issues relevant to it.

The Islamic Revolution and State in Iran

Imam Khomeini

The Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1978-79 established the first Islamic state of the modern era, and set the standard for Islamic movements in other countries to follow.

However, its progress in the subsequent 25 years has not been smooth. In this section we provide information and analysis of the Revolution, the Islamic state and related issues.

Area Studies

In this section, the ICIT provides material on the histories and current situations of different parts of the Ummah.

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